• Naples, on the pic, evokes emotions. Jewellery and design elements have always been part of its history and culture.
  • The story an the jewels. Castel dell'Ovo (Egg Castle) is a seaside castle located on the former island of Megaride, now a penisula, on the gulf of Naples in Italy
  • Tessitore company was borned in the 1898 and today is rapresented by a the fourth generation. Skilled from 1935 into hand made production an making of tubo-gas jewelry.
  • Snake bracelets, fine art jewelry,  tubogas handamade italian jewels, 18k gold, diamonds and precious stone. (Sapphire in the shot)
  • tessitore tubogas jewels
  • New creations, gold jewellery, bracelets tubogas handamade jewelry, 18k white, yellow or pink gold
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“Tubogas Jewels trendy and elegant, always. ”

Tubogas Jewels


Tessitore1888 company was founded in 1888 and it's now led by the 4th generation.

In 1935 the company started to focus on the handmade production of TuboGas jewels.

The first examples of TuboGas bangles can be found back in the roman age when 2 gold lines were intertwined together in a special new way.

This kind of fabrication was called "snake chain" due to the elasticity and length. This kind of jewels could be worn on every part of the arm thanks to the gentle grip it produced. Even if it was technically different from a modern TuboGas jewel we consider it his first ancestor.

The first TuboGas jewels as we know them today, appeared in the 19th century in Italy and France.
This traditional handmade production, even if it's always been present in the Italian jewelry culture, kept evolving during the last centuries.

The TuboGas jewels became worldwide famous only in the '70s with Bulgari, the well-known Italian luxury brand founded in Rome in the 1884.

For the first time TuboGas became the "leading actor" of a famous collection of rings, bangles, earrings, necklaces and also watches.

The sudden and huge success of the collection made the TuboGas famous as "Bulgari chain".

Companies as old as Bulgari, Tessitore1888 in Naples (1888) and Weingrill in Verona (1879), were already producing TuboGas way before Bulgari.


Today TuboGas jewels are a must in jewelry boutiques all around the world.
In Italy there are many industrial factories producing TuboGas in Arezzo and Vicenza. Their product though, being machine-made, is of a lower quality and cheaper.

Only in Naples (Tessitore1888), Verona and Florence there are some companies that still produce TuboGas the old way, handmade, thanks to the know-how of the few skilled artists and artisans left.
The quality of our product is unique and can't be reproduced anywhere else.

TuboGas jewels are a classic and an evergreen.
The promise I made to who came before me is to keep this ancient tradition alive, and pass it to the next generation.
These notes are the fruit of decades of experience on the field of my family. It is over a century and 5 generations that our family produce TuboGas jewels and in the past 30 years they are become the main product of our business; this is why we would like to write a book about it, to cherish this ancient tradition and make it eternal. Because the beauty has to perdure, and with it the craftmanship that made it possible.

If you have anything to add on the matter or any requests you are welcome to email us.
Thank you.
Enrico Tessitore